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A Word from Margo DeGange, M.Ed., Founder

I’ve been in business a long time. I’ve succeeded, failed, and succeeded again. As a Christian in business, it wasn’t always easy. Life happens right alongside of business.

Today’s world is even faster, more challenging, and more disconnected than ever before. No matter how much we all claim to be connected through technology, today it feels as though we are all in our own worlds, and forming and fostering quality relationships seems almost impossible.

In addition, there’s little downtime, fewer boundaries, and little personal space. No one seems to be reflecting or connecting–not really!

Boom, boom, boom–go, go, go–do this, do that, in order to succeed. The “gurus ” have come out of the woodwork–in droves–clamoring for our money, our attention, and our allegiance.

They claim to have the answers to our perils, the solutions to our every problem, and the ever-attractive lifestyles we all long for, but in fact–they don’t!

Here’s why . . .

Before we are businesswomen or in ministry, we are believers. Before we are followers of the next business trend or the newest success advice, we are followers of Christ.

We do business in a broken and hurting world. People are flawed, bruised, unsuccessful, battered, tired, and often discouraged –as much as they may try to hide it sometimes.

As women of faith and conviction, we have real answers. Before we deliver products, services, and solutions, we deliver hope to a hurting world.

Then sometimes, we are the ones who hurt. Business, and even ministry,  is tough, competitive, and often confusing. Top that with financial challenges, personal concerns, and family dynamics that for many, can be almost unbearable.

We must balance running a business and doing out life-work with being there for our families, friends, spouses, and ourselves. We also need to know how to put God first.

It can feel overwhelming–even in between the times of great joy, abundance, and business success.

We are entrepreneurs, mothers, sisters, daughters, partners, friends, wives, community workers, and Christians. We wear many hats and hold many responsibilities. We face challenges around marketing, management, relationships, ethics, finances, illness, and other important life & business concerns.

Many of us have seen things in the business world that surprise us, hurt us, concern us, and even throw us totally for a loop. That’s because God’s way is different from the norm. Most of the examples we have of being “successful” business-people and being “savvy” in business or ministry go contrary to God’s way. ANYTHING does NOT go! We follow very different guidelines. They lead to our very best life!

It’s good to know that nothing surprises God. There are no threats or competitors in God’s house! This is why being a part of a committed community of believers is so important, where together we can mentor, be mentored, grow, give support, uplift, teach, and help one another to transform and fulfill our individual callings. THIS is what success is all about.

We need support and community, and of course we desire encouragement, kindness, direction, and insight. In a loving, Christian environment, we need each other!

Women of Splendor is the community for faith-based, spiritually-minded entrepreneurs on a mission to do the work they were called to do. Within our collaborative community, we offer training, support, business & marketing help, wisdom, friendship, encouragement, and strategy for life & business success.

We are not just entrepreneurs. We are Christians who are passionate about our missions and ministry. We can do business the world’s way, or we can do it God’s way.¬† I invite you to join the beautiful, caring, gifted, and talented women of Women of Splendor, and experience in a greater way the fullness of your divine calling.